Garden Design…

The Importance of Design

Hard landscape design, creates the perfect frame for your planting

We’ll create a design to define the space and divide the garden up into specific areas of use. One that will give you just the right amount of planting areas for your lifestyle.

Because design lead projects are by far the most successful, get a GDC designed plan!

A Garden Design Concept plan is the perfect way to see how your garden can look before employing a landscaper!

If you’re able to describe what you’d would like in you garden but struggle to visualise exactly how this would look, we can help. Our designs will show you how all of your requirements can be incorporated within the available space. A Garden Design Concept plan will perfectly illustrate this for you!

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The Client Brief

Your likes…

When we come to see you we’ll make a list of features that you’d like to include within your new garden. Importantly we’ll make sure that we have a clear understanding of your requirements before we start on the design process for your garden.

Materials you like…
It’s a great advantage to have an idea of what materials you like, perhaps gather together samples and illustrations if you like so that we can discuss these and incorporate them within your garden design concept illustration.

Styles you like…
Would you say your style is traditional or contemporary?
Do you like straight lines or curves, or a combination of both?

Or you can leave this to the design team at GDC

Must have versus Would like…
Please talk to us, let us know your absolute must haves, would likes and any dislikes you have in your current your garden!

 A few practical questions…

  • Would you like a water feature?
  • Do you require power sockets & garden lighting?
  • When do you plan to use your garden?
  • At what time of the day will your garden be used the most?
  • Is it in the evenings, after work?
  • Is it a playground for the children?
  • Is it where you plan on entertaining a lot?
  • Do you need to include storage, a shed, a bike store?
  • Do you require discrete bin storage solution?
  • What are features, plants and structures that you would like to keep?
  • Would you like a vegetable patch?

The list is above is by no means comprehensive but is designed to encourage you to consider your requirements.

Customer Comments

  • We were really struggling to imagine how the garden would look after we had finished the house extension. The team at Garden Design Concepts illustrated the completed house and the garden. – Brilliant Service – Thanks again!

    Shirley & Martyn - Aylesbury
  • It was a great to see the design that was produced. We had no idea we could get so much out of what we knew was an awkward space. Thank you!

    Trevor and Sue - Northampton
  • Thank you so much for producing such a well thought out and beautiful design. We Loved it! The detailed plans GDC produced were perfect for getting construction quotes, which really helped us complete the project on budget.

    Colin & Barbara - Hertfordshire