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Bring your garden to life with a design from GDC
We can create the garden of your dreams which you can now view in 3 Dimensions before construction!
Bring your garden to life with a design from GDC

Sometimes all you need is a plan…

We are a team of creative designers producing individual, striking and innovative garden design plans.

Choose from a range of design packages with flexible options to suit all budgets.

We’ll help you get the most out of your garden by creating a garden design that incorporates your ideas and gives you an amazing outside space, to sit and relax, enjoy the view or entertain!

Get the very best out of your available outside space!

Be inspired!

We love the Chelsea Flower Show but realisticaly the show gardens are unachieveable with most customers budgets. At GDC we will help you to achieve the very best possible solution for your budget.

We’ll provide the creative input produce the perfect plan, specify materials, construct & plant your garden.


Talk to us on 0771 873 9104

Our Design Process

  • Stage 1

    Initial garden space viewing

    We’ll arrange a date that suits you to get together for our first informal meeting. We will explore your own ideas and take our first look at your available space.

  • Stage 2

    Discuss your budget

    We’ll need some idea of your budget so that we can plan our design to fit.

  • Stage 3

    Measuring up

    We’ll take all the necessary measurements we’ll need – you can supply us with an architect’s drawing if you have one!

  • Stage 4

    Design time

    We’ll draw up a flat plan first. Then, if requested, we will generate a 3D drawing for a virtual walkthrough!

Here’s an example of a 3D plan, great for getting a real feel for how a space can work!

Our thinking…

Making small spaces work

Making the most of available light and space for your planting and seating.

Outdoor Seating

We can design to incorporate your outdoor furniture.


Anything from adding a water feature to a garden sculpture.

Split Levels

Uneven ground can be a great positive to create striking split level spaces.

Contrasting Materials

Choosing a refined pallete of colour and texture.

View Points

We consider the view of your garden from both inside and out.

Creating a Visual Journey

Creating focal points. Visual start, middle and end points of interest draw the eye.